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INCIDIN ACTIV powder for cleaning and disinfection of 1.5 kg


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  • INCIDIN ACTIV. Powder for cleaning and disinfection of Incidin Activ is a product with excellent washing properties, and broad-spectrum disinfectant. The powder can be used to clean surfaces in contact with food.

Sodium percarbonate, tetracetyl, citric acid, complexing agents, corrosion inhibitors, perfumes. The active ingredient in a solution of 2%: 1000 mg / kg (ppm) of peracetic acid. The active ingredient - peracetic acid formed in the preparation of working solution.

Incidin Active is sporobójczy preparation for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and objects. It contained the active substance is characterized by high efficiency and safety of use. The disinfecting includes bacteria with przetrwalnikowymi forms thereof (spores) or mycobacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis, viruses (including polio virus), and fungi. The product has a high material compatibility. A powder prepared from the solution has a neutral pH.

Incidin Activ powder to clean and disinfect surfaces for use washable surfaces, as well as for washing and disinfecting items. You can be applied to non-porous surfaces (ceramic, stone, steel or plastic) can be used in public utility, pharmaceutical factories, and food processing.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. For professional use only.

The disinfection is needed a 2% solution, its preparation needed is 8 liters of water and 160 grams of powder. The solution should mix several times, to be used is up after 15 minutes. Commercial wash solution in accordance with procedures. To disinfect items recommended to immerse them in the solution. The duration of action is dependent on the desired result microbicide activity and can be about 5-15 minutes. Once disinfected are the surfaces that are in contact with food (including animal feed means), after disinfection you have to rinse them thoroughly with water.