Incontinence pads, SENI ACTIVE Absorbent underpants Large-L x 10 pcs


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  • Incontinence pads. Seni Active Absorbent pants made of high quality material and equipped with an absorbent pad absorbing moisture and odor. A product for adults who have problems with incontinence and stool.

Seni Active Absorbent panties size Large-L x 10 pieces

Size: Large-L 3
Perimeter: 100-135 cm

Seni Active Absorbent panties for adults who have a problem with incontinence and stool in the middle degree. Panties, made of skin-friendly material that allows the skin to breathe and does not cause allergies - a product without latex.The product with Odor Stop system protects against unpleasant odors and equipped with an additional Extra Dry System absorbent pad and internal hydrophobic side flaps preventing leakage. Seni Actibe underpants is a latex-free product - suitable for people with sensitive skin. Comfortable and easy to use, set up like traditional underwear.

Disposable absorbent pants for people who have problems with holding urine and faeces, leading an active lifestyle and for participants of physical rehabilitation activities.

How to use:
Put on absorbent briefs like regular underwear. If necessary, for example if you want to use the toilet, you can take it off and put it back on like normal underwear. Remember: To remove used absorbent pants, tear off the side seams on both sides of the panties. Collapse the used absorbent pants and throw them into the waste bin. Do not throw the used product into the toilet.