INFI CRATAEGUS, heart failure drops

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INFI CRATAEGUS, cactus homeopathy medicine, Strophanthus gratus drops

Infi-Crataegus drops

Infi-Crataegus drops are homeopathic medicines for diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Areas of INFI CRATAEGUS, heart failure drops application:

The area of ​​application is derived from the homeopathic drug pictures.
This includes: concomitant therapy for heart failure (heart failure).
The drug should not be used in heart failure without medical advice and does not replace the intake of other drugs prescribed by the doctor.
In the case of pain in the heart area, which can radiate into the arms, the upper abdomen or the neck area, in the case of shortness of breath or accumulation of water in the legs, a medical examination is absolutely necessary.
The following describes when you should not use Infi-Crataegus drops or only after careful examination by your doctor. This also applies if this information previously applied to you.
There are no known contraindications for Infi-Crataegus drops.

What do you have to consider during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Since there is no sufficiently documented experience, Infi-Crataegus drops should only be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding after consulting a doctor.
What to consider with children
There is insufficient documented experience with the use of this medicine in children.
It should therefore not be used in children under the age of 12.
No interactions are known for Infi-Crataegus drops.

General note:
The effect of a homeopathic medicinal product can be adversely affected by generally damaging lifestyle factors and by stimulants and stimulants. If you are taking other medicines, ask your doctor.
Warnings: Infi-Crataegus drops contain 53% alcohol by volume.
Therefore, alcoholics should not take this medicine.
Liver patients should ask their therapist if they can take this medicine.

Dosage INFI CRATAEGUS, heart failure drops instructions, type and duration of use:

Unless otherwise prescribed: in acute conditions take 10 drops every 2 hours, in chronic forms take 10 drops 3 times a day.
Homeopathic medicines should not be taken for long periods of time without medical advice.
What do you have to consider if you have taken too few or too many Infi-Crataegus drops or forgotten an application?
If you accidentally take too little or too much, please continue taking Infi-Crataegus drops as usual next time.
If you have any questions, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Side effects:
In addition to the desired main effects, medicinal products can also have undesired effects, so-called side effects.
There are no known side effects for Infi-Crataegus drops.
Note: When using a homeopathic medicine, the existing symptoms can temporarily worsen (initial aggravation). In this case, you should stop taking the medicine and consult your doctor. If you notice any side effects, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.
Composition: 10 ml contain: Medicinally active ingredients: Crataegus Ø 4.33 ml Cactus Dil. D1 2.00 ml Strophanthus gratus Dil. D4 1.00 ml Excipient: ethanol 43% (m/m) 25 drops correspond to 1 gram.