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EUCABAL inhaler

pack size: 1 pc


Inhaler EUCABAL , Eucabal ®

Inhaler Eucabal ® Inhalat , 5.0 g/10 g eucalyptus oil, 5.0 g/10 g pine needle oil, liquid for the preparation of a vapor for inhalation.

Active ingredients: eucalyptus oil and pine needle oil. For inhalation to improve the symptoms of colds in the respiratory tract with viscous mucus. Contains eucalyptus oil. Note leaflet. For inhalation. Not for consumption! Note leaflet. For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. (as of April 2020).

Aristo Pharma GmbH, Wallenroder Strasse 8-10, 13435 Berlin.

Eucabal ® Inhaler - Easy and safe to inhale during the cold season
Now new from Eucabal ® - the inhaler for safe and easy steam inhalation for colds in the respiratory tract.


Inhaler EUCABAL At a glance:

• Tilt-proof design and scald-proof thanks to the hot water retention system
• Effective steam inhalation through mouth-nose mask (no irritation to the eyes) and heat-insulated outer wall
• Easy to use
• Can be used from the age of six
• Dishwasher -safe
• Made in Germany

Inhaler EUCABAL. Inhale with essential oils
In the cold season, inhaling essential oils is a popular and proven way to relieve typical cold symptoms. A steam inhalation with essential oils helps to moisten the mucous membranes and loosen mucus. An inhalation supplement such as Eucabal ® Inhalat with eucalyptus and pine needle oil can help children from the age of 6 and adults. Eucalyptus oil loosens the viscous mucus and helps you to be able to breathe freely again. Pine needle oil stimulates blood circulation and the production of thin mucus and has a slightly disinfecting effect.

Use of the inhaler
The Eucabal ®Inhaler is used for inhalation therapy for cold symptoms. The heat-insulating double-wall system keeps the water hotter for longer to provide inhalation steam for the recommended use time of around 10 to 15 minutes. This makes it possible to inhale inhalation additives, such as Eucabal ® inhalant, using superheated steam. Please note the information on the use of the inhalation additive you are using.

Use with the Eucabal ® inhalant (10ml, 20ml):
1-5 drops of Eucabal ® up to 3 times a dayPut the inhalant into the inner cup of the inhaler and pour up to 150 ml of hot water over it. Then close the inhaler securely and breathe in the vapors through the mouth and nose mask. See also instructions for use of the inhaler and inhalant.

Eucabal ® is a cold brand for the whole family. Hot fumes can cause skin burns. Especially the popular inhalation with your head over a pot of hot water carries the risk of scalding. The Eucabal ®Inhaler designed to prevent tipping. It has two handles on the sides to place your hands on while inhaling. The outer wall does not get hot thanks to the double wall. The inhaler also has a hot water retention system, which offers additional protection against painful skin burns. Steam inhalation can be carried out safely with the Eucabal ® inhaler if used properly.

Inhaler EUCABAL Steps:

EUCABAL inhaler

Cold ? Treat naturally with Eucabal ®
The Eucabal ® brand from Aristo Pharma stands for herbal cold medicine for the whole family. With Eucabal®the typical complaints of an explanation can be dealt with naturally and efficiently. The special feature: the products are suitable for young and old - for babies, children and adults. The herbal brand includes a mild cold balm, the new Eucabal ® inhalant, cough syrup with thyme and buckhorn, a cold bath with eucalyptus for adults and school children, and a children's bath with thyme and almond oil – even for infants.

Inhaler EUCABAL Note: The Eucabal ® Inhalant and Eucabal ® Inhaler are new additions to the Eucabal ® family of products. Eucabal ® Inhalate was previously marketed as Sanopinwern ® Content by Aristo Pharma.