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INHALOL inhalation drops


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INHALOL inhalation drops 10ml

  • Inhalol (inhalation drops) is used in bronchial catarrh and upper respiratory tract, as well as to disinfect and air fresheners.


INHALOL inhalation drops Composition:


Oleum Pini Silva.


oleum Thymi


Oleum Menthas Pip


oleum terebinthinae


INHALOL inhalation drops Indications:
Colds, runny nose, bronchitis, sore throat, cough, hoarseness, zaflegmienie, malaise, headache, exhaustion.

Dosage INHALOL inhalation drops :
For inhalation: a glass of hot water add a few drops INHALOLU and deeply inhale the resulting vapors. Inhalation can also be performed by adding to the formulation a hot bath. The disinfection effect and air freshener can be achieved by spraying water with a few drops of INHALOLU a device for the humidification or using an atomizer.