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Insect repellent

Essential Care

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  • Insect repellent. The insecticide Essential Care is a very gentle and effective agent certified by the Soil Association and Vegan. The product deters insects and caries for the skin. It contains organic essential oils as well as coconut oil and olive oil

extra virgin olive oil *, high oleic sunflower oil *, coconut oil *, lemongrass *, lavender *, thyme *, limonene * & linalol * & citral * (in essential oils).
*) grown and produced organically (100% of product).

Essential Care insecticide, protects against onerous insect attacks and cares for the skin, moisturizing it and creating a protective film on the surface of the body. The product contains natural compositons of plant origin and high quality organic essential oils and oils that nourish the skin sensationally.

Directions for use:
The Essential Care insecticide is a concentrated mixture, so it should not be applied to damaged epidermis or to blemishes on the face, neckline or back.
Apply as needed to the exposed parts of the body