Insufine insulin pen needle 31g x 6mm x 25 pieces

Polfa SA Tarchomin

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  • Insufine insulin pen needle 31g x 6mm needles 25 is set up to accommodate most of the injectors on the market. Perfect sharpness, combined with a silicone layer reduces discomfort accompanying puncture.

Insufine needle for insulin delivery is an option for diabetics, using other Polfa brand products and other available on the market. Each needle is made of high quality plastic, coated with silicone, which significantly reduces the discomfort during the puncture. A guarantee of quality is the fact that each needle was sharpened in three planes. The medical device has been sterilized with ethylene oxide. The needle size 6mm, or 31G.

The medical device Insufine insulin pen needle 31g x 6mm recommended as a spare insulin pen.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Method of use:
disposable product, used as intended.