Insulin injection device, TACTIPEN injection device blue

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Insulin injection device, TACTIPEN injection device blue

Insulin Injection Device.

The reusable TactiPen®* is the ideal companion through everyday life with insulin. Because it meets your personal requirements in many ways. The handling is easy - the application can be learned accordingly quickly. The dose window is extra large and the numbers in it (units) are very easy to read.

In addition, its stylish design is evidence of contemporary elegance. This means for you: With TactiPen® you can be seen everywhere - and you have an injection device that makes your daily use of insulin as easy as possible.

Insulin injection device, The TactiPen® at a glance:
  • Fine dosing in steps of 1 up to 60 units
  • Easy and precise dose correction without insulin loss
  • Soothing: easy dose setting
  • Clearly: Large dose window
  • In no time at all: easy cartridge change

TactiPen® is available for all sanofi-aventis insulins.
It may only be used with the appropriate insulin cartridges from sanofi-aventis.