INTESTINE for dog, dogs 250 ml oregano oil, acerola

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INTESTINE for dogs oregano oil, acerola

DarmRein is a natural, liquid food supplement for problem-oriented support of feed intake in the case of digestive disorders and to support the natural intestinal flora. Digestive disorders, nausea, diarrhea and other intestinal problems are often the result of poor nutrition or a non-intact intestinal flora. DarmRein supplements the feeding with herbs and vegetable extracts in a natural way to compensate for nutritional deficits.

Liquid supplementary feed for dogs

INTESTINE for dogs oregano oil, acerola Composition: Fruit vinegar, dextrose, elderberry juice, beetroot juice, liquid fermented grain, nettle extract, ribwort extract, acerola

Analytical components and contents: crude fat <0.2%, crude ash <0.4%, crude protein <0.3%, Crude fiber <0.5%, sodium 0.02%, moisture 91%

INTESTINE for dogs oregano oil, acerola Additives per kg: preservative lactic acid E270 9500mg, sensory additives: grapefruit extract 60000mg, oregano oil 800mg, ginkgo tincture 4800mg, artichoke tincture 2000mg, St. John's wort tincture 900mg, aniseed tincture 900mg, echinacea tincture 900mg, thyme tincture

for a period of 30 days per day for a daily feeding recommendation of 10 900mg Give it by mouth or over the food.

For larger, heavier dogs, the amount to be fed should not exceed 15ml.