INULIN 100% organic powder, inulin supplement

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INULIN 100% organic powder 400 g, inulin supplement

INULIN 100% organic powder, inulin supplement

Prebiotic food with inulin from the agave
Inulin is a natural, probiotic dietary fiber and is used to upgrade a diet that is often low in fiber. The dietary fibers in inulin regulate intestinal activity and lead to an accumulation of bifidobacteria in the large intestine. In this way, inulin helps to improve the intestinal flora.

Ingredients: 100% inulin, from controlled organic cultivation,
vegan and naturally free of lactose and gluten.

INULIN 100% organic powder, inulin supplement Application

Use: Stir 15 g of powder (approx. 3 heaped teaspoons) into any drink (approx. 200ml), in muesli, quark, yoghurt or desserts daily. Then drink enough liquid.

Also suitable for binding food.

Note: When consuming fiber, make sure you drink enough fluids!
The powder should be stored dry and protected from light.