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DUREX Invisible condoms extra lubricated x 10 pieces - Invisible Condom

SSL International

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  • Economic package additionally moist Durex condoms Invisible, which perfectly meet the needs of both partners. Condoms of this line are as much as 35% thinner than others on the market.

Condoms also wipes Durex Invisible made ​​of latex. Condoms are extremely thin (35% thinner than the other), so raise the level of doznawanej pleasure during intercourse. Additional moisture facilitates penetration and enhances the erotic sensations.

Durex condoms Invisible additionally moistened recommended in order to prevent an unplanned pregnancy and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and to maximize erotic sensations.

Additional information:
The product stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct contact with sunlight.

Gently open the foil package in such a way as not to damage the condom nails. Condom impose on member erect, because only so established product provides protection against conception and sexually transmitted diseases. Before use, take a look at the information leaflet.

Details: Invisible Condom