Invisibobble Crystal Clear transparent eraser hair x 3 pieces per package, hair rings


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  • Traditional hair bands can damage the structure of hair, leave pressure marks, and quickly spread, requiring frequent replenishment. What other revolutionary hair bands Invisibobble!

Operation and use:
Neutral, transparent rubber bands in a color version of Crystal Clear are ideal for both women and men. But this is not the most important color is here! The most important is the shape of an eraser!Innovative spring construction is responsible for the uniqueness and effectiveness Invisibobble. You definitely need to try it out, if your hair is prone to distortion. You tie the hair for a while, and after removing the rubber bands, you see ugly mark in its place? After Invisibobble not find any bruises. For this material, from which it is made, it is gentle on the hair or when worn, or when the removal does not damage their structure. It should be emphasized also that the eraser is not Invisibobble pulls hair so hard that you feel the headache.Traditional rubber often cause discomfort, especially after dissolution of the hair. With Invisibobble you do not need to have such fears. If we add that it is super-durable and flexible, you can safely call it the best rubber band hair on the market.