Invisibobble Forbidden Fruit green hair eraser x 3 pieces per pack


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  • Hair eraser. Your hair is extremely susceptible? Just a moment, and the elastics, cufflinks or buckles leave unsightly creases on them? With the Invisibobble hair band, you do not have to worry about any marks or deformation!

Operation and application:
Forbidden Fruit is a pastel-mint shade of green, lovely spring color. Beautiful looking in contrast to dark hair. Invisibobble rubber bands have an innovative construction, resembling a cable from a landline phone. The uniqueness of Invisibobble lies precisely in this shape. It does not compress the hair too tight, so that they are not exposed to damage, and the scalp is not excessively stretched, which when wearing a pony for many hours causes a specific discomfort and headache. The spring is delicate for the hair, does not deform them and leaves no marks. It does not pull or pull hair when taking it off. For those who spend a fortune on a pair of trousers, the purchase of a three-pack Invisibobble will be a great solution as they are durable and durable. They are made of waterproof material, you can also bind them with wet hair.