Invisibobble Submarine Yellow yellow hair band x 3 pieces per pack


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  • Hair band. The yellow Invisibobble Submarine Yellow hair band perfectly complements the colorful holiday wardrobe. Thanks to it, you will bind your hair in the most crazy positions without pain, without fear of damage.

Operation and application:
At the beach, you are happy to tie your hair to a tassel at the top of your head. This is a comfortable and practical fastening, the problem is only the pain accompanying too strong hair pulling off the skin. This problem will be quickly solved by the innovative Invisibobble hairbrush. Without tensing and straining the scalp, it will bind your hair tightly. It is responsible for the unusual shape of the elastic band, which looks like a piece of telephone cable. Such a spring structure has one more advantage, it does not deform the hair, which even after a few hours in the pony after being dissolved are smooth. Removing the eraser does not cause problems, does not tingle and does not damage the hair structure. The product is made of durable, water-resistant plastic. Yellow Invisibobble Submarine Yellow is great for brown and auburn hair.