Invisibobble Sweet Clementine salmon hair eraser x 3 pieces per pack


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  • Hair eraser. The hairless hair structure and the Invisibobble's revolutionary hair band, which does not leave any marks on them, is one of the most practical hair gadgets! The Sweet Clementine version is springs in the spring, salmon color.

Operation and application:
The Invisibobble hair rubber gives you infinite possibilities, you can easily tie your hair into a ponytail or bob. If you are a fan of a high-tipped tail, you do not have to worry about the pain caused by overloading the scalp. Invisibobble has a special spring construction, which does not cause any deformation of the hair. Unlike traditional elastics, which often have metal elements, Invisibobble does not damage the hair structure, it does not get tangled and does not tug at its removal. The material from which the elastic is made is durable and durable, it retains its properties for a long time, with very frequent use, and it is also waterproof. Invisibobble Sweet Clementine has a nice salmon color.