IPALAT throat lozenges classic

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IPALAT throat lozenges classic

Real natural power with primrose root
ipalat ® Classic combines the beneficial real natural power of primrose root with the pleasant taste from the unique preparation with anise, fennel and honey. When sucking the lozenge, a soothing film forms in the throat. ipalat ® Classic is a balm for the neck.

Proven for irritation of the voice, throat and throat
The ipalat ® Classic throat pastille is proven for a rough throat and sore throat, stressed voice as well as hoarseness and coughing. The contained menthol ensures fresh and free breathing.

ipalat ® Classic
• for a rough throat and scratchy throat
• for a strained voice
• for hoarseness and irritation of the throat • for
dry mouth
• after nicotine and alcohol consumption
• for voice care
• for free breathing
• for bad breath

ipalat ® Classic at a glance
• with menthol, with sugar
• with vegetable extracts from primrose root, Anise and fennel
• proven for hoarseness, irritated throat and dry mouth
• for fresh breath
• also suitable for smokers
• very well tolerated


Asked Questions: Do ipalat ® Classic throat pastilles contain lactose?
ipalat ®Classic throat lozenges are lactose-free and therefore suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

Do ipalat ® Classic throat lozenges contain gluten?
ipalat ® Classic throat lozenges are gluten-free and therefore suitable for people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.

Are ipalat ® Classic throat pastilles suitable for allergy sufferers?
Side effects or interactions of ipalat ® Classic throat lozenges are not known. ipalat ® Classic does not contain any allergenic additives such as preservatives or colorings. However, there are hypersensitivities to one or more of the ingredients of ipalat ®Classic throat lozenges are known (e.g. menthol, essential oils or certain plant extracts), so consumption is not recommended.

Are ipalat ® Classic throat lozenges suitable for diabetics?
ipalat ® Classic throat lozenges are suitable for diabetics. One ipalat ® Classic pastille corresponds to 0.05 BE.

Can ipalat ® Classic throat lozenges be taken during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?
Since ipalat ® Classic is not known to have any side effects or interactions , it can be consumed at regular, but not excessive, levels during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, you should be hypersensitive to certain ingredients of ipalat® Classic or symptoms such as nausea or heartburn occur after consumption, it is advisable to reduce the intake of ipalat ® Classic or to stop taking it .

Are ipalat ® Classic throat lozenges suitable for children?
In principle, ipalat ® Classic throat lozenges are suitable for children. However, the menthol can be perceived as having too intense a taste. For a smooth taste, ipalat ® Honigmild is therefore particularly recommended for children (from approx. 4 years of age). According to the parents' judgment, the child should be able to suck in order to avoid swallowing the whole lozenge.

How many ipalat ®Classic throat lozenges can I suckle during the day?
Side effects and interactions of ipalat ® Classic throat lozenges are not known. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, 3 to 12 lozenges a day are recommended. However, if health problems such as nausea or heartburn occur, it is advisable to reduce or stop taking ipalat ® Classic.

Ingredients: stabilizer gum arabic, sugar, maltodextrin, honey, stabilizer glycerin, aroma menthol (0.3%), herbal extracts (0.24%; primrose root, fennel, star anise). The calorific value of 1 lozenge is 3.0 kcal.