Iron supplements: Organic iron + C x 60 lozenges


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  • Iron supplements. The preparation Iron supplements is a combination of two valuable components of iron and vitamin C. Dietary supplement Organic iron + C allows you to supplement your daily diet with two substances important for the proper functioning of the body.
  • Iron supplements Components: Bulking agent: mannitol; iron (iron (II) fumarate); starch; vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid); glazing agent: fatty acids (stearic acid); modified starch: hydroxypropyl starch; aroma; Glazing agents: silicon dioxide, magnesium salts of fatty acids (magnesium stearate). Contains sweeteners. Information on allergens: may contain traces of soy, crustaceans, fish or their derivatives.

    Iron supplements: Content of ingredients in one tablet / two tablets: iron - 16mg (114% RWS; 86mg iron (II) fumarate) / 32mg (228% RWS; 172mg iron (II) fumarate), vitamin C - 40mg (50% RWS) / 80mg (100% RWS).
    RWS - reference intake value.

    Action Iron supplements:
    In the human body, iron is present in hemoglobin, myoglobin, tissue enzymes, and also in the form of backup (in ferritin). Due to the fact that it fulfills many important functions it is considered necessary to keep the body in good health. The iron (Iron supplements) supplied with the diet is divided into heme (products of animal origin) and non-heme (products of vegetable origin), with heme iron being characterized by better bioavailability. Iron absorption may additionally increase the presence of vitamin C. Iron supports the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. It helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness, helps to maintain proper cognitive functions and supports the functioning of the immune system. Dietary supplement Organic iron + C contains microencapsulated iron, that is, particulate particles were coated with a substance that increased their stability. Microencapsulation also limits the risk of chemical interactions and allows you to control the release of ingredients in the body. The preparation is in the form of instant lozenges which dissolve quickly on the tongue.

    Iron supplements Application:
    Dietary supplement Organic iron + C intended for use in supplementing the daily diet with iron and vitamin C. The product (Iron supplements) is recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and also for people who are at increased risk of iron deficiency (eg vegetarians)

    Additional information Iron supplements: The dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. The preparation does not contain sugar. Ingestion in excessive amounts can cause a laxative effect.

    Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation (Iron supplements).

    Directions for use:
    The recommended daily dose for adults: one tablet. Take after eating a meal. Recommended daily dose for pregnant women: two tablets. Take in between meals. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.

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