IRRIGATION Sanity Aida Lux Femina x 1 piece


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  • IRRIGATION. Many women use irrigators praises itself as an element of intimate hygiene. If your doctor advises you special mouthwashes, select this to high-quality equipment - Irrigation Sanity Aida Lux Femina.

Easy to use Irrigation Sanity Aida Lux Femina equipment is a physiological shape and a flexible tip. It is intended for vaginal washes. Irrigations help to take care of intimate hygiene, and thus the health of women. In addition, they support the maintenance of the natural composition of the bacterial flora. The use of jets is often recommended as a supplement to the treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Irrigation Sanity Aida Lux Femina designed to perform vaginal washes.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. The choice of solution used for irrigation should be consulted with a doctor.

Do not use during menstruation and pregnancy.

Method of use:
Use as intended. Before the first use and before any subsequent, carefully wash all the parts of jet and also be boil. Pear filled with liquid, replace the cancan. Flexible tip, which was introduced into the vagina Kanka in such a way that its curvature was consistent with the anatomical axis of the vagina. Gently press the bulb, escaping liquid should drip down the walls of the vagina. The exact description along with the instructions located on the package.