ISISPHARMA Ruboril cream to the skin capillaries and prone to redness 30ml


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  • ISISPHARMA Ruboril cream to the skin capillaries and prone to redness is extremely delicate and expertly developed dermocosmetics, through which it is possible to instantly soothe skin reddened, irritated, with dilated.

Active ingredients:
extract of ziarnopłonu, extract of Mimosa Mexican (tree leather), Esculin (Indian horse chestnut extract), enoxolone.
It does not contain: parabens, phenoxyethanol, fragrances.

ISISPHARMA Ruboril cream to the skin capillaries and with a tendency to erythema is a modern dermocosmetics, which has a significant and highly caring effect on the skin heavily flushed with erythema and excessive - a prominent congestion of the skin on the nose and cheekbones and rosacea. The formula IsisPharma Ruboril, contains a patented, specially selected active ingredients - mainly of natural origin, which provide the skin with soothing and easing the symptoms of overheating and congestion of skin and perfectly enhance the defenses of sensitive skin and help regulate the process of excessive expansion of blood vessels. Dermocosmetics Ruboril cream, was deprived of substances toxic to the skin, and its composition have been eliminated: parabens, phenoxyethanol, and any fragrances. Cream IsisPharma Ruboril, can also be used as a complementary treatment dermocosmetic preparation, aimed at improving the condition of the skin capillaries: laser and electrocautery. The effectiveness of Ruboril has been clinically tested under control dermatological.

ISISPHARMA Ruboril cream - supports defense mechanism of sensitive skin with dilated blood vessels, prone to redness and rosacea. It relieves existing change and the deterioration in the condition of the skin. Recommended for daily care of all skin types prone to panic redness and erythema.

Cream Ruboril, should be applied 2 times a day (morning and evening) on cleansed skin. After the complete absorption of the formulation can be used normally used cleaning agents, as well as apply makeup.