ISLA Cassis x 30 tablets condition of the lining of the throat and larynx

Engelhard Arzneimittel

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  • ISLA Cassis positive effect on the condition of the lining of the throat and larynx. Effectively soothes and prevents the further development of the discomfort eg. Cough or hoarseness.

Composition ISLA Cassis:
1 tablet contains 80 mg of an aqueous extract of Icelandic lichen.The other ingredients are ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sorbitol, gum arabic, maltitol, anhydrous citric acid, acesulfame K, extracts of black currant aromas of black currants, liquid paraffin, purified water. The product contains sweeteners.

ISLA Cassis Action:
ISLA Cassis is a product characterized by a complex composition. It contains aqueous extract of Icelandic lichen, which coats the mucous membrane of the throat and larynx protective layer. It contributes in this way to alleviate irritation and protection against further exposure to hazardous factors. It soothes the pain caused by: a considerable burden on the vocal cords, cough and hoarseness, dry air, runny nose. ISLA Cassis further comprising vitamin C, which strengthens immunity and reduces the duration of infection. It also exhibits antioxidant properties.

Contraindications ISLA Cassis:
- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product

ISLA Cassis Indications:
It is recommended to use the product in case of irritation of the throat and larynx. Recommended for a large load of vocal cords, cough, rasps, the impact of dry air.

Use oral lozenge. It is recommended to slowly choke 1-2 tablets several times a day.