IWOSTIN Correctin Capillin fluid for vascular skin No. 02 SPF30 30ml


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  • Horse chestnut extract, vitamin C and a complex of vitamins A, E, F - a rich composition is in fluid tube Iwostin Correctin Capillin. Redness will be reduced, the skin is smoothed and strengthened blood vessels.

With the problems of vascular skin cosmetics should be selected so that it does not further irritated. This type of skin needs a high sun protection - fluid Iwostin Correctin Capillin a factor SPF30. The composition also contains cosmetic ingredients ideal for overactive skin, prone to irritation and redness. Horse chestnut extract beneficial effect on blood circulation, and this improves the capillaries by increasing their flexibility. A powerful antioxidant which is vitamin C, strengthens blood vessels and protects the cells against free radicals. Fluid formula soothes and brings a sense of relief.Suitable pigmented cosmetics guarantees good coverage without the mask effect and durability of up to 10 hours. Color No. 02 is a natural shade.

Iwostin Correctin Capillin fluid for vascular skin No. 02 SPF30 designed for daily care of skin redness and skin prone to redness.

On clean skin, smeared cream adapted to its needs, when absorbed, apply a small amount of fluid on the face and neck, making sure to thoroughly cover the entire surface.