IWOSTIN Correctin Capillin fluid for vascular skin No. 03 SPF30 30ml


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  • you have skin capillaries, then you know that the choice of a suitable primer is a difficult task. On the one hand, it must conceal redness, on the other hand should strengthen blood vessels - both of these conditions are satisfied fluid Iwostin Correctin Capillin.

Fluid Iwostin Correctin Capillin well hidden, it evens, smoothes the skin and is durable, lasts up to 10 hours. Cera Vascular is uniquely sensitive to sunlight, hence the use of high sunscreen SPF30.Opacity is just one of the tasks of the fluid Iwostin. With its rich composition reduces the appearance of redness, strengthens blood vessels and brings a feeling of relief. Horse chestnut extract is a natural way to improve the condition of the capillaries - significantly increases their tone and elasticity, and also accelerates blood circulation. Vitamin C is a component of antioxidant, thereby protecting against the damaging effects of free radicals. In addition, it strengthens blood vessels. Fluid in the shade of warm beige (No. 03).

Iwostin Correctin Capillin fluid for vascular skin No. 03 SPF30 designed for daily care of skin redness and skin prone to redness.

After cleansing the skin lubricated and its cream adapted to its needs, wait for its absorption, apply a small amount of fluid on the face and neck, making sure to thoroughly cover the entire surface of the skin.