IWOSTIN Purritin Purifying Toner 215ml


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IWOSTIN Purritin Purifying Toner. Cleansing toner from the Iwostin Purritin line is ideal for oily and sensitive skin care. It cleanses, tones and refreshes, and thanks to the content of Zincidone and Physiogenyl complexes, regulates sebum secretion and supports epidermal regeneration.

Action IWOSTIN Purritin Cleansing Toner:

Iwostin Purritin A cleansing tonic with comprehensive action - cleansing, refreshing, toning and moisturizing. Zincidone, or zinc, and the PCA molecule that facilitates its penetration into the skin, helps regulate sebum secretion and inhibits the formation of acne. Cobiostab 400 contributes to the reduction of bacterial growth, also Propionibacterium acnes, and also has a fungistatic effect. Physiogenyl helps regenerate cells and stimulates their growth. It reduces acne eruptions, energizes and supports proper hydration of the epidermis. Allantoin smoothes and softens the skin. It soothes irritations, just like aloe vera. In addition, aloe extract prevents bacterial growth and is anti-inflammatory. The tonic leaves no stickiness.

Iwostin Purritin cleansing toner for daily care of oily skin prone to acne and sensitive skin.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the tonic.

How to use IWOSTIN Purritin Cleansing toner:

Use every morning and evening. Pour a small amount of tonic on the cotton pad and gently wash the face, avoiding the eye area.