IWOSTIN Solecrin Capillin SPF50 + sunscreen 50ml


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  • IWOSTIN Solecrin Capillin SPF50 + is a cosmetic that will provide your skin very high protection against UVA / UVB rays, reduce redness and soothe skin and reduce skin hypersensitivity. It contains an innovative complex of UV filters.

Active ingredients:
Complex filters titanium dioxide (mineral filter), Tinosorb S avobenzone (filters organic), Tinosorb M (filter combining the features of organic filters and mineral), Antileukine 6 - (filter immune) and Troxerutin and Neutrazen

Action: Have the skin capillaries?You need really high sunscreen, and any exposure to the sun ends irritation and redness of the skin? If you do, you must reach for the Iwostin Solecrin Capillin SPF50 + - dermocosmetics adapted to the needs of sensitive and hypersensitive skin. The formula sunscreen Solecrin Capillin contains an innovative combination of filters: mineral - titanium dioxide, organic - Tinosorb S avobenzone and immune - Antileukine 6. This connection provides a high level of protection from harmful UVA / UVB rays and provides protection against irritations and skin pigmentation changes. The composition of sunscreen with a factor of SPF50 +, will also find troxerutin, which is a derivative of routine properties that reduce the formation of erythema and Neutrazen - reducing component sensitivity of the skin - including skin redness. Application: Very high sun protection for skin redness and skin prone to redness.

Usage : Apply evenly to the skin for at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Application should be repeated in case of prolonged exposure to the sun or friction or the surface of the skin.