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  • JELITON is a product of natural origin acting on the basis of grandmother's egg-shaped, which increases the feeling of satiety, normalizes bowel movements and relieves inflammation of the lining of the digestive system.

shell egg-shaped seed plantain (Plantaginis ovatae Seminis tegumentum)

The preparation is based on plantain egg-shaped, which provides a source of material producing a large amount of mucus in contact with liquids. Thanks for constipation soften fecal matter and increase its volume. This increases the pressure on the intestinal wall so that there is improving peristaltic movements of intestines and easier defecation occurs. In addition, thanks to his grandmother egg-shaped preparation can reduce appetite.

- ileus

It is recommended that the preparation of temporary constipation and intestinal peristaltic movements lazy.

applying a single 1 teaspoon of the formulation (flooded with 100 ml of water or juice), up to 4 x / 24h.