JELONET paraffin gauze 10x10 cm, Smith and Nephew

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Smith and Nephew JELONET paraffin gauze 10x10 cm sterile

Paraffin coated cotton gauze for superficial wounds.

properties  Smith and Nephew jelonet gauze and benefits

Due to the white paraffin coating, JELONET serves as a bond protection between the wound and the secondary bandage.

This enables the patient to change dressings gently and with little pain, and the wound to rest undisturbed.

Due to the open dressing structure of the cotton gauze, wound exudate can easily drain into an absorbent secondary dressing, such as an absorbent pad.

A special weave prevents fraying when cutting the bandage.

Smith and Nephew jelonet gauze:

  • Air and exudate permeable to avoid skin maceration
  • Ointment coating protects wound surface and edges
  • Enables atraumatic dressing changes and undisturbed wound rest
  • pain relieving
  • Secondary bandage required (depending on the amount of exudate, use e.g. absorbent compresses, film bandages such as OPSITE FLEXIFIX or fixation bandages)
  • Latex-free formulation

field  Smith and Nephew jelonet gauze of use

JELONET can be used to treat minor burns, wounds with skin loss (tear, abrasion and skin transplant wounds) and lower leg ulcers.