JOHNSONS BABY breast pads x 50 pieces

Johnson & Johnson

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  • JOHNSONS BABY breast pad is a product that praise and all we recommend. The inserts are used as collateral for a bra and clothing from dirt remnants of food. They provide comfort and complete discretion.

Universal, optimally shaped breast pad suitable for all types of bras. They are comfortable, a special self-adhesive patch allows you to keep them in one place. We breastfeeding women often complain about the food seeping through underwear, breast pads absorb food debris and protect against dirt bra. In addition, breast pads Johnsons Baby characterized by 25% better absorption. Responsible for the effective absorption of a special polymer, which retains moisture in the middle of the insert, giving the skin dry. The material from which the insert is made is soft and breathable.

Inserts Breast Johnsons Baby food protect against leakage and soiling of underwear.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. Protect from moisture. Disposable product.

insoles can be worn for different types of bras. Before feeding, gently wash with water chest.