JOJOBA OIL 100% natural skin care

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JOJOBA OIL 100% natural skin care

Contains the most important vitamins and minerals for the skin in natural form.

Cares for the face and body as soft as velvet and gives the skin soothing elasticity. The thin, naturally pure oil is absorbed particularly quickly, binds the skin moisture, does not grease and is very economical to use.

Medesign jojoba oil has a calming effect, especially after hair removal, and maintains the delicate feeling of velvety skin for a long time. Jojoba oil is one of the best organic skin care products that nature has ever produced. It doesn't need any preservatives or other chemical additives because it doesn't go rancid or oxidize.

As a bath or massage oil for gentle and tender massages, it awakens sensual feelings and lets the soul soar into the sky.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it cares for the woman's skin and optimally prevents stretch marks on the breast and stomach. After a warm bath or shower, the pores of the skin are open and the jojoba oil is absorbed quickly and gently.

JOJOBA OIL 100% natural skin care Notes :
The home of the jojoba bush is the vast Sonoran Desert in the southern United States. The fruit, the jojoba nut, grows over the course of a year. Half of it consists of jojoba oil, which is obtained from the nut by pressing.

Tradition says that the natives of the Sonora desert used jojoba oil for healing purposes and to care for their skin and hair. Jojoba oil was researched by scientists from American universities in the early 1970s. In the course of the research, they found that jojoba oil contains the most important vitamins and minerals for the skin in natural form.

Tests have shown that jojoba oil has the best effect on the skin when it is used in its natural form.

Jojoba oil first pressing

JOJOBA OIL 100% natural skin care Ingredients:
Buxus chinensis