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JOJOBA OIL Bio / demeter

TAOASIS GmbH Natural Fragrance Manufactory

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JOJOBA OIL Bio / demeter

Pack size:50 ml Dosage form:oil

Well-tolerated and moisturizing base oil for beauty care and aromatic massage.

Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis
Family: Buxaceae - Boxwood Family Country of
Origin: Tunisia
Type of Extraction: Cold Press

Ingredients JOJOBA OIL Bio / demeter (INCI):
Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil.

INCI JOJOBA OIL Bio / demeter note:
Essential oils are made up of a large number of individual components. Substances such as limonene and linalool are completely natural components of the essential oil, they are not added. However, they belong to the 26 allergenic fragrances that are subject to declaration and must therefore be shown separately because some people are allergic to individual ingredients. In the INCI, a composition of different essential oils is called a perfume, if we want to keep the exact composition as a fragrance secret. All of our products are free from synthetic materials!

BIO / demeter notice:
Since we sell natural products, the availability of raw materials is subject to natural fluctuations. If, due to incidents that cannot be influenced, only a limited amount of Demeter oil can be produced and this amount is sold out before the next harvest, in these rare cases we will supply the product in organic quality as a substitute.

Storage JOJOBA OIL Bio / demeter instructions:
Please store in a cool, dry place in a place protected from light.