JOJOBA OIL cold-pressed

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Jojoba oil (organic, cold-pressed)

Pack size:100 ml Dosage form:liquid
base oil

The 100% natural vegetable oil is suitable for skin care and for the manufacture of cosmetic products. Use sunflower oil according to a recipe to make cosmetic products.

For skin care, add jojoba oil drop by drop onto the skin and massage in. For an individual fragrance experience, jojoba oil can be mixed with an essential oil of your choice.

To do this, add the essential oil to the jojoba oil according to its application recommendation, close the bottle tightly with the lid and shake the bottle briefly. Then use jojoba oil as usual for skin care.

Ingredients: Simmondsia chinensis seed oil.

Notes: Store dry and protected from heat and light.
Store in a cool place after opening, use within 3 months!

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