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Jordan Clinic Brush Between brushes L 0.7mm x 10 pieces


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  • Jordan Clinic Brush Between are interdental brushes that together with a traditional toothbrush and rinse aid provide a set that ensures proper and complete hygiene of the mouth. Size L: 0.7mm.

Bacterial sediments between teeth, which can not be removed by ordinary brushes, will be effectively and quickly eliminated with a special interdental brush Jordan Clinic Brush Between. Cleansing the interdental spaces, it also helps to protect the gums from disease. Its unusual Wave Cut shape with a soft tip allows for quick and painless inserting it between the teeth, the flexible wire makes its movements are smooth and its extraction does not cause any problems. When you put it between your teeth, the tip comes out from the other side, and shorter hairs at that time clean the walls of your teeth. The Italian are easily assembled when they are removed, which is similar to Christmas tree branches. The use of a brush is convenient, thanks to the ergonomic handle, which even the wet does not slip from the hand.

Jordan Clinic Brush Between interdental brushes dedicated to people who particularly care about oral hygiene. Recommended for thorough cleaning of interdental spaces, as well as orthodontic appliances, bridges, crowns, implants. Can be used after surgery for maxillary surgery.

Additional information:
Keep the product at room temperature, out of reach of children.

Directions for use:
Insert the brush gently between the teeth. By moving the bristles forward and back, clean the interdental space. If you have difficulty inserting a toothbrush, you probably need a smaller size. The brush is reusable, so after each brushing it should be washed. Exchange is necessary in case of visible bristle wear.