Jordan Clinique (clinic) brush Between toothbrushes XS 0.4mm x 10 pieces


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  • Traditional toothbrush does not provide interdental spaces, and this is where deposits accumulate, which are responsible for the formation of cavities. What's different Jordan Clinic (Clinique) Brush Between, which copes well with hard to reach places.

The interdental brush Jordan Clinic Brush Between helps remove bacterial deposits from the interdental spaces, which prevents the formation of cavities, also prevents unpleasant odors from the mouth and protects the gums from disease. In the case of hard to reach interdental spaces, a normal toothbrush is not enough. The specially designed brush shape has greater maneuverability in small gaps between the teeth. The brush tip is soft, does not cause any problems when inserting it between the teeth, while the flexible wire makes it easier to use. The shape of the Wave Cut brush perfectly cleans the desired places, the tip slightly protrudes from the other side, and shorter hairs then clean the walls of the teeth. The bristles fold like Christmas tree twigs. The ergonomic shape of the rubber coated handle fits well in the hand. Each package contains 10 brushes and a special cover for hygienic storage. Size XS: 0.4mm.

Jordan Clinic Brush Between interdental brushes designed to complement daily oral hygiene. Recommended as an easy way to clean interdental spaces. Useful for people wearing orthodontic appliances, as well as for cleaning bridges, crowns, implants. They are suitable for use after maxillofacial surgery.

Additional information:
Keep out of the reach of children, at room temperature.

Directions for use:
Carefully insert the toothbrush between the teeth. Move the bristles several times back and forth. After each use, the brush must be washed, in case the bristles are visibly worn, it should be discarded and replaced with a new one.