Juicer pastes and creams x 1 piece


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  • Juicer pastes and creams is an innovative product with aesthetic appearance, which guarantees accurate empty packaging from the remnants of cosmetics. It is easy and extremely convenient to use.

juicer pastes and creams is a product that allows efficient use of the entire contents of tubes of cosmetics. This ensures complete emptying of the packaging and the use of often difficult to extrude the remnants of paste or cream. With extractor nothing is wasted. It is characterized by aesthetic appeal, and therefore looks very good on the shelf in the bathroom. It is very easy to use. Ideal also for use in the food industry. PZH HZ / C / 00428 elevenths. The package includes a one piece - one squeezer.

It is recommended to use juicers pastes and creams to accurately emptying containers of leftovers difficult to cosmetics. It can also be used in the food industry.

How to use:
Place a tube of toothpaste or cream slot knob while turning the knob. As a result, comes to the systematic squeezing content eg. Cosmetic. Use as needed.