JUNIOR Sambucol x 20 lozenges

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  • Sambucol JUNIOR is a natural formulation to support the functioning of the immune system. Thanks to the component Antivirin supports the body in fighting infections of viral origin.

extract of elderberry, L-ascorbic acid, zinc gluconate, honey, acacia gum, purified water blackcurrant aroma, vegetable oil, maltitol, sorbitol, steviol glycosides, beeswax

Preparation belongs to a broad category of products to the dietary treatment. It is characterized by a natural composition, preferably affecting the functioning of the body, especially the immune system. Honey has bactericidal properties and zinc and vitamin C stimulate the body's natural defenses. The product contains a Antivirin, an ingredient extracted from the fruit of elderberry, which helps the body fight viruses, threatening the health of the period increased incidence of colds and flu.

- allergic to ingredients

Use in children 6 years of age in the case of influenza, colds and states przedgrypowych.

used orally lozenge. Children aged 6-12 years give 1 lozenge x 4-6 / 24. In the case of young people over 12 years of age take 1 tablet x 6-8 / 24.