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JUST for men tint shampoo black-brown

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JUST for men tint shampoo black-brown
Just For Men Toning Shampoo For Hair Black-Brown
Pack size:60 ml Dosage form:shampoo

JUST FOR MEN was specially developed for all those men who find that it doesn't make gray hair interesting, but simply old it early, and who want to put an end to the ghost in no time: quickly, easily and safely, without changing their original hair color.
JUST FOR MEN brings the original hair color back into gray hair within 5 minutes without changing the tone of the others.
The care and tint shampoos are based on ammonia-free formulas that take effect in just 5 minutes.
They are activated by the combination of color base and developer.
The special mixture of shampoo base and hair color, an outstanding result of many years of Combe research, accelerates the penetration of the ingredients into the hair shaft, making it possible to color gray hair in just 5 minutes.
The specially developed vitamin-botany-care complex consisting of vitamin E, protein, chamomile and aloe vera helps to fix the color in the shaft and thus protect it against fading. It also cares for the hair, making it look stronger and healthier.