KADEFUNGIN Lactic Acid Cure Gel disposable applicators 7X2.5 g

DR. KADE Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH

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lactic acid treatment KadeFungin® lactic acid treatment with valuable (S) -lactic acid, embedded in a moisturizing gel, helps to regenerate and stabilize the vaginal flora.
The colonization of the vagina with lactic acid bacteria is promoted within a week and the healthy acidic environment is restored.
The best time to use it is in the evening before going to bed, as the effect can develop optimally overnight.
KadeFungin® lactic acid treatment - when?
• After successful treatment of a vaginal
yeast infection • With bacterial infections of the vagina
• With repeated
urinary tract infections • To regulate the
pH value during pregnancy • With pH value 4
• As a 7-day cure
• In practical single-use applicators
• Free from preservatives, fragrances and colorings
• Tested by gynecologists and dermatologists