KAMALAMIX over 20 kg powder for DOG, dogs 25 g

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KAMALAMIX over 20 kg powder for DOG, dogs


Supplementary feed for dogs

Wild herbs for an intestinal environment

that is hostile to worms KamalaMix was developed for the special nutritional needs that arise in connection with worm infestation. The lack of herbal ingredients, such as saponins, bitter substances and tannins, can make our pets susceptible to excessive worms. In contrast to their fellow species living in the wild, they often do not have the opportunity to absorb the substances mentioned through plants and herbs. But it is precisely these substances that help their wild relatives to avoid excessive, pathological worms through a healthy diet.
In order to have less of a reason for chemical wormer cures (medicines), the intestines of the animal should be supported with appropriate herbs that are contained in KamalaMix. You can achieve this in addition to a balanced diet with the occasional addition of the feed supplement KamalaMix, which can compensate for the lack of herbal ingredients such as saponins, bitter substances and tannins. In addition, many experts in parasitology recommend checking the worm population of the animal by regularly monitoring the faeces samples.