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KAMISTAD chamomile baby teething mouth spray

STADA Consumer Health Deutschland GmbH

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KAMISTAD chamomile baby teething mouth spray

Pack size:20 ml Dosage form:spray

Oral chamomile baby teething Spray PROTECTIVE CARE FOR THE MOUTH AREA
From the teething baby to the grandfather with his third teeth, from painful canker sores to rubbing braces: Discomfort in the mouth and throat area can occur quickly and unexpectedly in every age group and not only the enjoyment of food but also the reduce the whole quality of life considerably. Baby teething Kamistad ® is a proven specialist in pain and inflammation in the oral cavity - and has developed the soothing and nourishing Kamistad ® oral spray for the targeted care of hard-to-reach, stressed areas in the oral cavity :

• Calms the stressed areas
• Supports natural healing
• Makes care difficult reachable places
• With polidocanol and chamomile

prostheses are a special endurance test for the oral mucosa. Especially when re-fitting partial or full dentures in the upper and lower jaw area, there is often a long time to get used to it, from several weeks to months. In this phase, pain and reddened pressure points are not uncommon and extremely uncomfortable. Similar problems can occur in adolescents with braces, which can irritate the lining of the mouth. Whether seniors who have problems with their third teeth, young people who wear braces or people whose mouth is prone to slight inflammation of the gums and the development of aphthae: good oral hygiene and targeted care for stressed areas in the mouth help prevent problems.

baby teething TARGETED CARE
Stressed areas in the mouth are often not easy to reach. Kamistad ® mouth spray with the 2-fold combination with natural chamomile is used for simple and chamomile-strong care of the oral mucosa and the gums. More targeted than a mouth rinse, easier than an ointment or oral gel: the practical oral spray makes targeted care of hard-to-reach areas easy with its rotatable spray head and is suitable for treatment-accompanying care for oral mucous membranes with a tendency to aphthae and mild inflammation. 1-2 targeted sprays as needed or morning and evening after brushing your teeth are sufficient!

Chamomile is a versatile medicinal plant and one of the most famous home remedies. Chamomile tea or medicines with chamomile have a calming effect, especially when there is inflammation.


When is baby teething Kamistad ® mouth spray used?
baby teething Kamistad ® mouth spray is suitable for therapy-accompanying care for oral mucous membranes that tend to develop sores, fissures and mild inflammation. Kamistad ® mouth spray is sugar-free and without added alcohol.

How is baby teething Kamistad ® used?
Align the rotating baby teething spray head so that it points to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity or the stressed area of ​​the oral mucous membrane. Press the pump and deliver 1-2 puffs each morning and evening after brushing your teeth or as required.

From what age is the baby teething Kamistad ® mouth spray suitable?
The baby teething Kamistad ® mouth spray is suitable for children from 4 years and for adults.