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KANJON skin care cream


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KANJON skin care cream

Pack size:50ml Dosage form:cream


KANJON ® skin care cream with Maumasil

Enjoying life in good health is the goal of every person.

KANJON skin care cream:

The skin and eyes say a lot about your physical condition. Fatigue and overexertion quickly make the skin of the face look pale and dark circles form under the eyes. If there is an illness, skin changes can be warning signs of a wide variety of illnesses. In many cases, annoying skin irritations become a problem. Itchy and flaky skin, for example.


KANJON skin care cream:

These skin changes are often caused at work or at home. The use of cleaning agents and numerous unknown substances continually attack the skin's protective acid mantle. While some cosmetic companies are proud to use olive oil or aleovera in their skin care products, stressed skin can be supplied with minerals, trace elements and amino acids - for example with KANJON care cream or KANJON protective ointment.

Regular skin care supports the acid mantle in its regeneration.
Essential proteins, which are essential for cell metabolism, help with this. The skin is supplied with vital cell building blocks and you can see the result within a short time! In the case of severe skin irritations, additional internal consumption of these natural substances helps.

MAUMASIL is available for this purpose in capsules, tablets and drops. If you have various health problems, a combination of external and internal use can be very helpful.