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KATAREK Plus for tiny baby rhinitis

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KATAREK Plus 1 unit  for tiny baby rhinitis

  • Katarek plus. Qatar for a tiny baby is a particularly troublesome ailment. The toddler is not able to blow his nose himself, an aspirator that pulls off the secretions is needed.

Package KATAREK Plus for tiny baby rhinitis Contents:
Aspirator with detachable chamber, tip with identification "JA & TY" - 2pcs, bristle with durable hair - 1pcs.

Aspirator Katarek Plus uses the suction power of a household vacuum cleaner 800-1800W. Reduced, uniform suction power provides more efficient aspiration than oral aspirin and traditional pears. The aspirator is very safe. The device has a detachable chamber and this keeps it clean. Ergonomic design ensures comfort and long hose allows freedom of movement. There are two ends in the package, so the aspirator can be used for two children and the "JA & TY" system makes it easy to distinguish between them. The extractor is transparent to assess the amount and type of secretion. Using an aspirator removes nasal secretions, restores breathing comfort, and also reduces complications from infection.

KATAREK Plus for tiny baby rhinitis Use:
Katarek Plus Angler extract for rhinitis. It is recommended for use in infants from day 1, for older children who have not mastered the nose blowing skills and for people with disabilities and non-cooperating.

Additional KATAREK Plus for tiny baby rhinitis information:
Aspirator Katarek Plus has a safety certificate, clinically tested.

KATAREK Plus for tiny baby rhinitis Usage:
The child should be placed in a sitting position or in a position where it will be convenient to hold the child. The letter C must be connected to the suction pipe of the vacuum cleaner. This one marked with A on one side should be tightly placed in part B and the other side of the tip gently inserted into the baby's nasal opening. The mucus secretion alone should last only a few seconds uninterrupted until it is completely removed. To clean the nose, the tip must be moved in the nasal opening in the up-down direction. You can slightly change the angle of the tip. It is better for the child to leave the mouth open. Repeat treatment several times a day until the secretion is removed. It is recommended after the treatment to moisturize the nasal mucosa. Clean the device under warm running water,