KATAREK Plus Complete x 1 set

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  • The Katarek Plus Complete kit, as its name implies, contains all the necessary components to effectively fight the arthritis in children. The aspirator is easy to use and safe, so you can use it from the first days of life.

Aspirator with detachable chamber - 1 pc, tip with identification "Ja & Ty" - 2pcs, brush with hard hair - 1pcs, ampoule of physiological saline Katarek 5ml - 5pcs.

In the package of the Katarek Plus Complete we will find an aspirator with a detachable chamber that connects to the vacuum cleaner (power 800-1800W). It uses the power of a device to produce a uniform suction power. Aspirator effectively, quickly, and above all painlessly and safely removes excess secretion. Nasal cleansing facilitates physiological saline, contains 5 ampoules of 5ml. All components are enclosed in a plastic package that allows for hygienic storage.

Katarek Plus Complete is a kit recommended for use to remove excess nasal secretions. It can be used in children from the first days of life and in children who can not blow their own nose. Also suitable for the disabled.

Additional Information:
Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before using aspirin for haemophilia.

Do not use in the case of nose bleeds, damaged mucous membranes, dermatitis, rhinitis atrophy.

Use as intended.