KAVCHA Mucuna Pruriens TNT 400mg. 60 capsules Safe Herbs

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KAVCHA Mucuna Pruriens TNT 400mg. 60 capsules Safe Herbs


Mukuna pruriens (Caucasus) is a species of creeping plant, up to three meters, that grows in India. Mukuna pruriens (Caucasus) has been used in ancient India as a medicinal plant for centuries in India.

In the 1960s, L-Dopa was isolated from Mukuna pruriens (Kavcha). It is a precursor of dopamine. This is a revolution in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

It also contains gallic acid, carboxylic acids and various indole derivatives such as methoxy-dimethyltryptamine (MeO-DMT).

Mukuna pruriens (Kavcha) seeds are used in Ayurveda as a tonic for the nerves. In homeopathy it is used in diseases of the gallbladder. The leaves and seeds are used for food. Crushed seeds are used in many crops and as an aphrodisiac.

Mukuna pruriens (Kavcha) helps to increase energy levels and muscle mass. Helps to improve mood and physical activity.

KAVCHA Mucuna Pruriens TNT Safe Herbs Composition:

(400 mg capsule): in 1 capsule / in 2 capsules

concentrated extract of Mukuna pruriens (Kavcha): 400 mg / 800 mg

A way of use KAVCHA Mucuna Pruriens TNT:

1 capsule twice daily after meals.

Do not take by children, pregnant and nursing mothers!

Do not exceed the recommended dose!

Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet!

Keep out of reach of small children!