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KELO-cote UV silicone scar gel SPF 30

Alliance Pharmaceuticals GmbH

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KELO-cote UV silicone scar gel SPF 30

Kelo–cote ® Gel

ingredients: polysiloxane, silicone dioxide.

Kelo-cote Gel is a light, user-friendly silicone gel for scar treatment. Kelo–cote is proven to reduce and flatten scars, relieve itching and reduce redness. Kelo-cote Gel is particularly characterized by its effectiveness, proven in numerous studies, and its patented crosslink technology. This causes the formation of an optimal occlusal film that hydrates the scar tissue. Fibroblast proliferation is inhibited and collagen synthesis is reduced.

Kelo–cote Gel contains bioinert and biocompatible silicone and is also suitable for treating children or people with sensitive skin. Kelo–cote Gel can be used in conjunction with pressure bandages or other scar therapies.

KELO-cote UV silicone scar gel SPF 30