KETO DIASTIX Strip Tests, measure glucose and ketone levels in your urine


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KETO DIASTIX Strip Tests x 50 pieces, measure glucose and ketone levels in your urine

  • KETO-DIASTIX Strip tests allow you to detect and measure glucose and ketone levels in your urine. Just color the color of the strip to compare with the colors specified on the bottle.

The product is intended for outdoor use. Made in such a way that after immersion in the sea changes color depending on the presence and amount of substances such as glucose and ketone body. Their detection may be an indicator of the need to change lifestyle (eg diet). For healthy organisms glucose and ketone bodies should not be present in the urine (glucose is then burned in the body and used as a source of energy). In diabetic patients, sugar is passed to the urine, is not properly burned, and the body draws its energy from the stored lipids. Ketones created in the blood get into the urine.

Use to detect the presence of glucose and ketone bodies in the urine. Use especially during infection, stress, pregnancy and high blood sugar (above 240 mg / dl or 13.3 mmol / l).

Apply externally. After wetting in the urine, wait until the strip gets stained. Then compare the color obtained with the color strip on the bottle.

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