KIDS PLUS Algae Bluegreen Capsules 700 pcs

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KIDS PLUS Algae Bluegreen Kids.Plus

Our Kids.Plus and Kids.Plus² products provide you with healthy food supplements especially for your children. Many children today are under stress due to pressure to perform at school. Too long occupation with computer games and television can lead to overstimulation of the organism. In addition, there are no longer enough substances in our food that the body and the brain need. Eating "fast food", which children often particularly like, does one more thing to weaken the young growing body.

Heavy metal levels in the body are also increasingly found in children. This can result in symptoms such as attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. You can find these connections in the books by Prof. Karl J. Abrams and H. Ludwig "ADHD" and Barbara Simonsohn "Hyperactivity" are described in detail. Children need more energy and vital substances than adults because the body reacts sensitively, especially during the growth period.
The authors state that a wholesome and healthy diet can compensate for many symptoms. Based on their own studies and experience, they recommend taking up to 1.5 grams of blue-green Uralga (Bluegreen Alpha) daily. The most important vital substances recommended by Prof. Abrams are contained in Kids.Plus and Kids.Plus².

KIDS PLUS Algae Bluegreen Our consumption recommendation:
Give your child 2 pods Kids.Plus or 2 pills Kids.Plus² in the morning and 3 pods Kids.Plus or 2 pills Kids.Plus² at lunchtime with the meal (swallow with a little liquid). 5 pods Kids.Plus or 4 pills Kids.Plus² daily, supply the child's organism with the most important nutrients and vital substances.
If your child doesn't like to swallow pods, you can open them and sprinkle the powder into food (but don't heat it!) Or into a cold drink. A beneficial effect should be felt after 2 weeks to 2 months.
KIDS PLUS Algae Bluegreen The consumption of the ancient algae can trigger a cleansing process in the body, which is why it is very important for your child to drink plenty of still water in the early days in order to eliminate toxins.
Don't get impatient if your child doesn't like the seaweed. Perhaps you can "hide" this as a powder in your food or stir it into vitamin juice. Please do not go below the specified dosage, otherwise it will be below the effective threshold.