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KIN MiniProx 0,9mm interdental brush 5 pieces


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  • Ordinary toothbrush is not able to thoroughly clean the interdental spaces, and this is important if we want to have healthy teeth! Therefore, as a supplement to the daily hygiene use a toothbrush interdental Kin MiniProx.

Operation and use:
Proper oral hygiene should include several products, including toothbrush interdental Kin MiniProx. Its conical shape allows for efficient cleaning those hard to reach places. Thus completing the daily oral hygiene, you will quickly notice the difference. Size of the brush: 0.9 mm.

Additional information:
The product out of the reach of children, at room temperature.

Toothbrush carefully insert the interdental space and gentle movements back and forth to clean between the teeth. The specific set of bristles can effectively remove plaque.