KIN MiniProx 1,1mm interdental brush 5 pieces


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  • Interdental brush Kin MiniProx size: 1.1 mm. With her help quickly and efficiently clean up the place from which the traditional toothbrush can have serious problems.

Operation and use:
The effectiveness of toothbrushes interdental Kin MiniProx decides its conical shape with a specific set hairs. For people who care about good oral hygiene is absolutely essential gadget. The toothbrush is easy to use, first of all, however, is extremely effective.

Additional information:
The product stored at room temperature, out of reach of children.

Clearing the interdental spaces, you must do it very gently. First, insert the brush between his teeth, then slowly move forward and that, in this way the Italian easily remove residual space interproximal plaque.