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KinderImmun Dr. Wolz is an immune-active complex of carefully combined active substances that are combined to strengthen the immune system of preschool and school-age children.

The product KinderImmun Dr. Wolz is suitable for:

  • Children in the growth phase (over 2 years)
  • Children and adolescents with recurrent infections
  • Children and adolescents for prevention during periods of stress (school) or during influenza epidemics, etc.
  • After taking antibiotics to restore the intestinal flora

KinderImmun Dr. Wolz Composition:

Active ingredients 2 measuring spoons (2 g)

- inulin- 1.5 gr.

- (1-3) (1-6) - ß-D-glucans 67 mg.

- Vitamin C - 32 mg.

- Colostrum concentrate - 124 mg.

- Zinc - 2 mg.

- Bifidobacterium Longum 18 mg (1.8 mil.) (Lactic acid bacteria)

- Vitamin B1- 0.44 mg.

- Vitamin B2- 0.56 mg.

- Vitamin B6 - 0.56 mg.

- Vitamin B12 - 1 mg.

- Folic acid - 80 mg.

- Vitamin D3- 6.7 μg (266 IU)

Why should children's defenses be further strengthened?

The child's immune system is not yet fully developed and is under pressure, especially in the cold season. Close contact with other children at school and kindergarten increases the risk of infection. Recurrent infections are the most common reason for visiting a pediatrician. Recent studies report an average of six to eight infections with an average disease duration of seven to ten days a year. Therefore, it is wise to support the child's immune system during exercise (for example, at school) or in the cold season.

What is the advantage of KinderImmun Dr.Wolz over other immune supplements?

KinderImmun is prepared by prescription in accordance with the latest scientific findings, containing proven immunomodulatory active substances that have a positive effect especially on the child's immune system. This composition is unique and is also recommended by many pediatricians. The powdered dosage form is useful because it is easy to dose and children are often unable or unwilling to swallow capsules. As KinderImmun has a relatively neutral taste and is well soluble, it can be given to children without their knowledge.

KinderImmun Dr. Wolz Dosage:

Children from 2 to 7 years old take 2 measuring spoons a day, children over 7 years old and adults take 3 measuring spoons a day. The powder is mixed into a cold drink or yogurt.

As KinderImmun has a relatively neutral taste and is well soluble, it can be mixed into juices, yoghurt, muesli or oatmeal. Another option is to sprinkle the powder on a slice of bread and then cover it with jam or honey.

Is KinderImmun Dr.Wolz suitable for diabetics?

Yes, diabetics can take KinderImmun (daily dose 2-3 g below 0.01 BE).

Are there any side effects or drug interactions?

No side effects or interactions are known.