Klarin Activ x 60 tablets, vitamins for eye health


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  • Klarin Activ, is a supplement that contains bilberry fruit, rich in anthocyanins enriched with lutein and vitamins necessary for the proper operation of the eye. The product indicated for those with poor eyesight, and for working at a computer.

Klarin Activ, vitamins for eye health Ingredients:
powdered fruit bilberry (myrtilli fructus pulvis) - 250 mg; bilberry fruit extract containing 25% anthocyanins - 40 mg (myrtilli fructus extractum); Lutein - 3 mg; Vitamin E - 5 mg; Vitamin C - 30 mg; beta - carotene - 0.5 mg. Vitamin E and vitamin C meets 50% of recommended daily intake.

Klarin Activ, vitamins for eye health Action: The preparation is limited to circulatory disorders and retinal vascular eye reduces visual problems (myopia, night blindness), weakened Photosensitivity in diabetic retinopathy. Is used in the prevention of macular degeneration associated with age (ADM) contributes to the normal process of vision.

Klarin Activ, vitamins for eye health Indications: profilaktyczniew to maintain good eyesight - for those with tired eyes that a lot of work at the computer, reading, watching TV, carry many hours of your car (especially at night ), work in poor lighting - in people with impaired vision at dusk.augmentation ± cow treatment - myopia, glaucoma simple and cataracts - diseases that damage the microcirculation in the eye (diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy, hypertensive and obstruction of retinal vascular), - diseases degenerative and dystrophic retina and choroid, - macular degeneration, age-related ?? AMD (age-related macular degeneration).