Klarin QUATTRO x 30 capsules, visual acuity


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  • Visual acuity Klarin QUATTRO is a dietary supplement supporting the proper functioning of the organ of vision. It contributes to the maintenance of visual acuity. Exhibits antioxidant properties.

Visual acuity Composition:
two caps. Include cod liver oil - 250 mg, fruit extract, bilberry - 100 mg zinc gluconate, zinc - 10 mg extract of flowers of Tagetes patula - 50 mh, soybean oil, refined extract, herb skylight foxtail - 30 mg, pine bark extract of Siberian - 30 mg, thickener (yellow beeswax), emulsifier (soy lecithin), riboflavin - 1.4 mg, retinyl palmitate - 195 mcg. Ingredients shell gelatin, humectant (glycerol), a colorant (titanium dioxide), the carrier (potassium aluminum silicate), pigment (iron oxides and hydroxides), colorant (cochineal).

The product is a natural, complex dietary supplement. Contained in the blueberry blueberry is a rich source of antioxidants, and therefore effectively protects against free radicals. Helps maintain the flexibility of veins and capillaries, so that improves microcirculation in the eye. This increases oxygenation and nutrition of the eye. It helps to maintain the normal function of the retina. A stabilizing effect on the production of collagen in the eye. Zinc, vitamin A and riboflavin (vitamin B2) contribute to the correct view. Moreover zinc participates in the normal process of metabolism of vitamin A. Tagetes patula is a source of lutein and zeaxanthin, - natural dyes found in the macula of the eye and the lens. Thanks to contribute to the maintenance of visual acuity.

- Hypersensitivity to the preparation Components

The preparation should be used in adults to maintain normal function of the organ of vision and visual acuity behavior.

Use orally. In adults, it is recommended to use a dose of 1-2 kaps./24h.